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Our Home and Garden Products

Green Screen Powder
Green Screen Logo

Green Screen® deer repellent was developed in 1981 by a fruit grower in Michigan to protect her orchards from deer browsing damage. Green Screen® has undergone extensive testing at Michigan State University and has proven to be an effective repellent against deer and rabbits.

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Forever Plant Marker Logo

Forever Plant Markers are the ultimate tool for permanent plant identification in your garden. They have no wire standards or removable nameplates to get damaged. Our unique and virtually indestructible one piece plant markers are laser cut out of solid heavy gauge stainless steel to give you a lifetime of usability.

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Root Control Bag
Tex-R Agroliner Logo

Tex-R Agroliner™ root control Spin Out® bags are perfect for limiting invasive tree roots from choking out your plants. These bags use patented technology called Spin Out®. Roots coming in contact with this copper coating naturally halt their progress. Root control Spin Out® bags are water and air permeable. They are easy to install and can be re-used multiple times

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