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Green Screen® Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Green Screen Bags

Green Screen® Bags

Hang bags approximately 2 feet apart to discourage deer and rabbits from browsing. Hang the bags 1 foot above the ground for rabbits and up to 4 feet above the ground to repel deer. One container of 20 bags will protect 20 trees or bushes or 2' x 24-72' rows of vegetation. Bags will withstand extreme weather conditions and last from three to six months.

20 Bags - $19.95 40 Bags - $36.95 100 Bags - $79.95 200 Bags - $159.95
Green Screen Powder

Green Screen® Powder

One 3 lb. package of powder will protect a 225-300 square foot area from deer.

3 lbs. Powder - $19.95 42 lbs. Bulk Powder - $98.95
  • Green Screen® is non-toxic.
  • Green Screen® is safe on edible crops.
  • Green Screen® requires no special storage.
  • Green Screen® will not damage plants.
  • Green Screen® need not completely cover all plants.
  • Green Screen® may be applied in any weather conditions.
  • Green Screen® is safe for the environment.
  • Green Screen® may be applied during bud break or flower blooming.
  • Green Screen® stays effective after rainfall.
  • Green Screen® requires no preliminary preparation of area to be treated.
  • Green Screen® requires no mixing, spraying or painting.
  • For more information, visit the Green Screen® website.